October 15, 2021

Coming Out Of Lockdown!

By Brittany Fletcher
Coming Out Of Lockdown!

Just coming out of lockdown or getting ready to do so? Are you as excited to share a cup of tea with friends and family as much as we are? Then here are our suggestions for any outing you might have planned once heading back out into your social life- how exciting!

When it comes to High Tea, you cannot go past the classic range of teas! So why not try our gorgeous Organic English Breakfast that is a full bodied and rich black tea that goes perfectly with a tea cake or two. Or how about an earl grey with a twist like our Earl Grey “Blue Flower” that has beautiful notes of orange and lemon peel and flecks of blue corn flowers.

Looking forward to hosting gorgeous parties and dinners in your home again? Then look no further than our St Clements’ Lemons & Oranges for a zesty orange cocktail. Our Chocolate Coconut Chai will be sure to please your guests with a sweet tooth! But, if you prefer a bit of spice, our recommendation is our Firestorm blend for a drink with bite. Make sure to read our blog for the full recipes here!

At the beach, it is always nice to have a refreshing iced tea to share. Our top picks for the best blends for this includes our Fruits of the Forest for a stunning deep red drink full of flavours including strawberry and hibiscus- perfect with the addition of fresh berries. Another pick is our Lychee White for a cooling and fruity tea drink that is amazing chilled and mixed with honey, mint and lemon.

What could be nicer than catching up with friends or loved ones again with a picnic in the sun! Our herbal Happiness blend with apple, jasmine and rose petals, will be perfect to share with your guests. Or, if you prefer a black tea, our Tahitian Vanilla is a beautiful blend that adds a light sweetness of vanilla to the brew that is perfect to pair with any sweet treats you might have in your basket.

So make sure to get your tea favourites stocked up for all your plans out in the world once more! x