August 20, 2021

What Are Your Star Sign Blends?

By Brittany Fletcher
What Are Your Star Sign Blends?

At The Tea Collective we thought we would explore which of our teas would best suit your astrology sign and give you a sense of balance and harmony. Check out yours below...


Earth signs are the ‘grounded’ of the star signs. They are loyal, sensual, and stable with a deep connection to mother nature.

To reflect their love for nature, and sensuality, we recommend our floral teas: Love Potion, Wild Earl Grey and Happiness


Air signs are the ‘dreamers’ of the star signs. They love action, ideas and are always up for change and an adventure.

To ground our dreamer signs, while getting their creative juices flowing, we suggest: Yoga, Lullaby Sleep and St Clements’ “Lemons & Oranges”


Fire signs are the ‘passionate’ of the star signs. They are dynamic, temperamental and motivated with a warm heart.

To bring a sense of calm and cooling while reflecting their dynamic personalities we suggest: Blueberry Sencha, Jasmine Flower Green Tea and Fruits of the Forest.


Water signs are the ‘intuitive’ of the signs. They are emotional, sensitive and mysterious with a love of security and connection.

To bring our water signs warmth and compliment their nurturing side we recommend our: Gingerbread Chai, Mexican Mango & Chilli and Firestorm


Make sure to check out yours now x