Brooke Clunie x The Tea Collective Collaboration Mugs

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These beautiful mugs have been exquisitely made to retain heat and to create a drinking experience like no other. Perfect to fill with your favourite chai or tea blend.

Inspired by Brooke's nature wanderings. It’s the simple things that keep on giving. A sturdy & contemporary shape mug with a generous handle and base that sits happily in your home, your study or when you go camping. Creating memories & good times with you.

All pieces individually hand made on the wheel and glazed by Brooke and Brooke only. Variation in shape and glaze may occur as each piece is unique and this is embraced. These mugs are high fired stoneware with matte glaze. Matte glazed cups are soft and take on warm tones with use and this is their charm. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Handmade with love.

*please be aware that colours are only preference. Should we not have your colour we will replace with another colour. You will not be notified if this happens. These are extremely limited edition pieces as Brooke has long lead times and she creates every piece herself.

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Brooke Clunie x The Tea Collective Collaboration Mugs


At The Tea Collective we have created vessels that you will want to keep using. Once you purchase your boutique jar - you just need to purchase your recyclable refills. Better for the environment, better for your wallet!

Should you not want to store your tea in your jar anymore, why not give your jar a second chance as a flower vase, cotton ball holder, pencil holder or a new home for a plant. If you have used your jar for something else, please send us a pic! We would love to share your ideas.
Alternatively, check your local council and their recycling program.

Luxury Eco Tea Bags

Our tea bags are made from a biodegradable plant based material called Soilon. We don’t use dirty plastic!
Our tea bags are totally compostable but please allow a bit more time for your tea bags to break down, they do take just a little longer to decompose than everyday composable items. Our Soilon bags have met all compostability standards in Japan, Europe and North America but our manufacturers suggest commercial composting to reduce this extended time to breakdown.

If you don't have the time to wait, why not switch to trying our loose leaf teas that start to break immediately? We have a lot more blends to choose from and it is so easy to use with a specially designed infuser..


Emily W.

Lane Cove, NSW

The most incredible selection of hand-crafted teas with so many flavours to suit any palette. We buy loose leaf for home and luxury tea bags for the road. I love having tea served cold as a healthy alternative to water to drink while at work.

Marie B.

Mt Tamborine, QLD

The Tea Collective is exceptionally high-quality teas, so full of flavour with spectacular aromatics both in the jar and in your cup. I wish they had a subscription so I could receive my tea regularly as we go through it pretty quick, it’s that good!

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