The Tea Collective's Oriental Beauty Oolong tea

Oriental Beauty


Produced in Xin-zhu County, Taiwan and known as the Champagne of Oolongs, Oxidisation is at 60-80%.What makes this teas so unique is that it needs to be pesticide free to encourage a little green fly to bite the leaf. The leaf then produces an antibody that gives the tea the sweetness that it is so famous for. The farmer needs luck and a lot of knowledge to unsure the fly continues to return to his plantation year after year.

Tasting Notes: Floral aroma, amber brown liquor with a taste of ripe fruits and honey.

Serve: Hot
Measure: 1 teaspoon (3gm) to 1 cup (300mL) hot water
Temperature: 80oC (176oF)
Time: 4-5 minutes
Infusions: 1

Ingredients: Pure Oolong Tea

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