January 07, 2022

Start The Year Right With TTC

By The Tea Collective
Start The Year Right With TTC

With a big joint sigh of relief - we have a new year! To celebrate and make the most of this chance for a new start and a fresh year, we at The Tea Collective thought we would give you some great ways to get off to the best start possible!

Start Intentionally: 

Start your year with clear goals and intentions. Sit down with your favourite cup of TTC tea and write down everything you not only want to achieve, but how you want to feel this year. For example, do you want to feel abundant? confident? relaxed? healthier?. Write it all down and document ways on to how you can get there. But make sure to stake baby steps! You are far more likely to stick to, and reach these goals if you know there is a realistic progression!

Start Moving:

Feeling sluggish after the silly season? Nothing will help more than getting your body moving in order to feel fit and fresh again. Whether its doing some yoga, going for a walk or jumping into a gym class - find something that gets you both sweating and smiling into the new year.

Start Mindfully:

Make sure to take time in your new year to be still, relax and take time to be grateful. Actions include taking time to read, sipping of a nice cup of tea like our calming Yoga blend or trying a little meditation - even if it is just 5 minutes a day. Not only does this help to reduce stress, but improves sleep and productivity. Things we all need to start a great year ahead!

Start Clear: 

Does your room, study or house in general need a good tidy or even a rearrangement? Why not take some time out to tidy your space. Not only does this make your space look great but it means less distraction, more relaxation and increased overall happiness and satisfaction with your surroundings. Even better- how about lighting a candle or play some soothing music!

Start Nourished:

To make sure to kick off a great year, eating right is essential in order to feel your best in both the mind and body. Ensure you are fuelling your body with plenty of fruit and vege, lean protein (or substitutes), grains and healthy fats. But also don't forget to treat yourself every now and then! Try to also start your days with a nourishing breakfast as well. Something like our delicious Chocolate Coconut Chai Chia and Mango that is full of fibre, anti- oxidants and Omega 3's that makes for the perfect start to your day. And tastes great!