November 05, 2021

Eco-Consciousness at The Tea Collective

By Brittany Fletcher
Eco-Consciousness at The Tea Collective

At The Tea Collective, we endeavour to be eco conscious and environmentally minded in all that we do in creating beautiful, high quality products for you. From tea bags, shipping materials and the tea itself...we are doing our best to reduce our footprint on our earth.


All of our beautiful product is sourced from farms that have strict procedures in place in regards to pesticides & chemicals. We also ensure all the farms our teas is derived are strict on animal protection and good worker conditions. They also do their upmost to care for the environment surrounding it. To view our range of beautiful tea, head here.


Our tea bags are made from a biodegradable plant based material called Soilon. We don’t use dirty plastic! Our tea bags are totally compostable but please allow a bit more time for your tea bags to break down, they do take just a little longer to decompose than everyday compostable items. To view our range of tea in bags, head here.


If you have purchased some of our stunning jars of tea, you are encouraged to purchase our refill parcels to reduce excess packaging and save you money. The material of the refill pouches are also 100% recyclable! Yes please! To shop our refills head here.


At The Tea Collective we have created vessels that you will want to keep using. Should you not want to store your tea in your jar anymore, why not give your jar a second chance as a flower vase, cotton ball holder, pencil holder or a new home for a plant. If you have used your jar for something else, Alternatively, check your local council and their recycling program.


We have also ensured that as much of our shipping materials are eco friendly. This includes the Bio-Fill beans we use to protect the products inside are 100% dissolvable and eco friendly. Our cardboard shipping boxes are also 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled products.


At The Tea Collective, we also always have our printed marketing or informative material printed on 100% recycled paper. However, we endeavour to produce as much as possible digitally to reduce overall paper usage.

Please know that we are not perfect, but we are committed to ongoing improvements and solutions towards making our business as conscious as possible for our future.