October 08, 2021

Tea & Crystals

By Brittany Fletcher
Tea & Crystals

In light of the upcoming World Mental Health Day this Sunday we thought we would explore some great natural ways to help you feeling positive: tea and crystals! We have teamed up with the beautiful ladies at HartRoks to show you some great crystals to pair with some of our gorgeous blends to assist with  confidence, positivity, zen, balance and more...


Crystals: Moonstone and Dalmation Jasper: These are perfect to ensure you own your true self! With moonstone to connect you to your inner goddess and dalmation jasper to anchor yourself into your soul purpose you will be loving yourself and all that you can do!

Tea: Chocolate Coconut Chai: This chai, with gorgeous notes of toasted coconut, cinnamon and chocolate is the blend to bring a little spice and indulgence that your inner goddess deserves!


Crystal: Apophyllite: This crystal is beautiful for ridding of any negative energies and connecting you to energy of positivity. It is perfect for connecting with your heart chakra to receive love and happiness.

Tea: Mon Coeur: This tea is full of gorgeous uplifting flavours of vanilla, orange and apricot- sure to bring you to summer vibes of positivity and warmth!


Crystals: Selenite, Clear Quartz and Lepidolite: Each of these crystals are the perfect combination for cleansing and stabilising energy to make you feel balanced, clear and stable particularly during times of change or uncertainty.

Tea: Yoga: This spicy and warming tea blended with cinnamon chips, hawthorn berry and ginger root that beautifully transitions you from the everyday hustle to a state of stillness and equilibrium.



Crystals: Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz & Pink Agate: This stunning combination of crystals are open for giving and receiving loving energy. Each will bring you a sense of comfort, joy and contentment.

Tea: Love Potion: Complete with rose petals, vanilla and orange pekoe - our Love Potion blend is the perfect tea in capturing a loving and romantic atmosphere for yourself or a loved one.


Crystals: Howlite and Amethyst: To bring calm and peace, these crystals are our first picks! With these you will rid of any anxiety and bring relaxation to your mind, body and soul.

Tea: Blueberry Sencha:  For true relaxation, our Blueberry Sencha is the tea for you. This green tea, made with blueberries will have you taken to a place of true zen.


So this World Mental Health Day... Make sure to find a nice quiet spot, brew yourself a hot cup of tea and sit with your favourite crystals to take a little time to relax and look after your mind, body and soul x