November 19, 2021

Tea & The Moon Phases

By Brittany Fletcher
Tea & The Moon Phases

In light of the Full Moon in Taurus tonight and partial eclipse, we thought we would explore tea with the moon cycle. This full moon is all about organisation, stability and security. So make sure to filter out what doesn't make you feel these things during this period. As for the general moon phases, read below on how our tea can assist you during each!

NEW MOON: New Beginnings

The new moon is the time where the moon is at it's darkest before the moon grows to full strength over the next two weeks. It is a great time for introspection and goal setting for the future. Embrace the new in this phase and release anything that no longer serves you. For this time, we would recommend some beautiful teas including Fruits of the Forest and The Wild Earl Grey for some lovely floral notes (whether you prefer black or herbal tea) to get you inspired and refreshed for a new start!

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WAXING MOON : Time for Action

The waxing moon is when the moon is beginning to show its light and it's your turn too! Now is the ideal time to get motivated, commit to these new goals and get them into motion. So make sure to get your plans into action for your new goals to come to fruition! To get you in motivation mode, ready to overcome obstacles and nurturing your plans- we recommend our Mon Coeur for give you a little zest or our Gingerbread Chai for a bit of spice to keep you motivated and energised.

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FULL MOON: Completion/Release

The full moon is a time where the moon is completely illuminated in all her glory and is a time of completion, release and transformation- when you will see your efforts really blossom. However this can also be a time of friction and heightened emotion so take it easy! P.S make sure to charge your crystals at this time. During the full moon, we suggest our Yoga or Kenyan Nandi Gold for some beautiful grounding and earthy flavours to keep you feeling stable and soothed as you let go of anything no longer serving you!

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WANING MOON: Reflection/Rest

The waning moon represents the time of when the moons illumination is decreasing - a beautiful time for withdrawal and rest. It is a lovely time to step back, reflect and review the past month. Take time to appreciate your efforts and give yourself a little self care during this part of the cycle. We suggest our Jasmine Flower Green and Lullaby Sleep Tea to take you to a place of relaxation, calming and great sleep after a busy cycle!

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So next month, why not give this rundown a go and see if you can harness the magic of the moon and tea together!