September 17, 2021

The Perfect Cup Of Tea

By Becci Fowler
The Perfect Cup Of Tea

What is Tea Anyway?

Tea is an evergreen shrub that is native to China and East Asia called Camellia Sinensis that is brewed in hot water. There are four basic types of tea: white tea, green tea, oolong tea and black tea. The type of tea depends on the processing it undergoes.

Making a cup of tea is something many people do everyday, but have you ever wondered about how to make a perfect cup of tea? At The Tea Collective, we thought we would give you a few tips on how to make a great cup of tea!

What you need to know.

Water: tea is mainly water so its best you use the very best you can find. It will make all the difference. You always use fresh, filtered (if possible) water. You should not reboil your water and only fill the kettle with the water for that cup of tea.
Quality: High quality tea only.
Temperature: make sure you always read the instructions on the label and steep as suggested, as different teas are best brewed at varying temperatures.
Time: once again, make sure to follow packaging instructions as different teas take longer than others to produce its optimal flavour. 


What about the different types or tea?

Black Tea: 100 degrees, 3-5 minutes to brew and add milk

Examples: Organic English Breakfast and Mon Coeur

Green Tea: 80 degrees, 3 minutes to brew and no milk 

Blueberry Sencha and Buddha Tears 

Chai: Simmer, 6-7 minutes to brew and brew with milk 

Chocolate Coconut Chai and Bangalore Rose Chai 

Herbal Tea: 100 degrees, 4-5 minutes to brew and no milk 

Firestorm, Moontime and Ginger Zing 

Oolong Tea: 80 degrees, 3 minutes and add milk

Tie Guan Yin: Iron Goddess of Mercy