Traditional Collections Gift Box

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Discover the timeless charm of our Traditional Collections Gift Box, featuring a curated selection of cherished tea blends steeped in rich heritage and cultural significance. Indulge in the artistry of tea as you explore the authentic flavours and time-honoured traditions captured in this exquisite gift box. Immerse in a journey that celebrates the incredible legacy of tea culture.

Collection includes :

Gift Box | Our Gift Box embodies excellence, featuring a sleek matte black design, wrapped in a descriptive sleeve that highlights the remarkable products it holds. Meticulously crafted with 99% recycled materials, this high-quality box reflects our commitment to sustainability without compromising on elegance or style.

Accessories | Featuring a high-quality stainless steel infuser and long-handled spoon for creating the perfect cup with ease.

Organic English Breakfast Our English Breakfast is blended using a beautiful rich Indian black tea and a soft smooth Ceylon black tea. This is a full-bodied, robust, and rich. A perfect morning brew to start your day. The high tannin levels in this tea are what makes it go perfectly with milk and sugar.

Earl Grey Blue Flower Indulge in the allure of our exceptional Earl Grey tea, renowned for its distinct aroma and flavor of bergamot orange oil. With meticulous use of bergamot oil and rind, our special blend is enhanced with vibrant blue cornflowers, making it a sophisticated choice for tea enthusiasts.

Ginger Zing Ginger & lemongrass tea holds a special place in traditional Asian cultures, particularly in Chinese and Ayurvedic practices, where it is highly valued for its warming and healing properties. Its popularity extends to various other cultures, including Indian, Japanese, and Thai, where ginger tea is cherished for its aromatic flavours and extensive health benefits.

Pure Peppermint | Our Pure Peppermint tea is refreshing and invigorating, crafted with the finest leaves to deliver a pure and authentic flavour. It holds a special place in traditions of herbal tea consumption, appreciated by individuals in Western cultures for its invigorating and soothing qualities. Additionally, it is a beloved choice in Middle Eastern cultures, where it is often consumed after meals for its digestive benefits and refreshing taste.

Gift Box Size | 260 x 215 x 100mm

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At The Tea Collective we have created vessels that you will want to keep using. Once you purchase your boutique jar - you just need to purchase your recyclable refills. Better for the environment, better for your wallet!

Boutique Jar | Created to maintain optimal freshness. These gorgeous jars are lightproof and airtight, to keep your teas theraputical qualities and taste fresher for longer. Refills can be purchased or please repurposed your jar to minimise the impact on the environment. Please check your local council and their recycling programs.

Refill Pouches |  Our Recylable Refill Pouches come zip locked for freshness. Available for loose leaf tea and tea bags.

Luxury Eco Tea Bags

Luxury Eco Tea Bags

Our tea bags are made from a biodegradable plant based material called Soilon. We don’t use dirty plastic!
Our tea bags are totally compostable but please allow a bit more time for your tea bags to break down, they do take just a little longer to decompose than everyday composable items. Our Soilon bags have met all compostability standards in Japan, Europe and North America but our manufacturers suggest commercial composting to reduce this extended time to breakdown.

If you don't have the time to wait, why not switch to trying our loose leaf teas that start to break immediately? We have a lot more blends to choose from and it is so easy to use with a specially designed infuser.

Tea bags come both in Boutique Jars and 40 or 80 refill pouches.